Meet Our New Pilates Instructors Amy and Jen

JLB Pilates is thrilled to announce the addition of two new instructors to our team: Amy Mote and Jen Rudie. Amy and Jen are both instructors in training at JLB Pilates and are looking forward to serving our Pilates family in Maple Grove. Get to know Amy and Jen!

JLB Pilates Instructor Amy Mote

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Amy Mote is currently pursuing her Comprehensive Pilates Certification training. She began her Pilates journey over 10 years ago at a local gym, where she took classes regularly and loved the results she received.

Amy took a little break from Pilates for a few years. However, Amy acquired two small injuries that became more and more challenging to overcome. These injuries led her back into the world of Pilates. She decided to reach out to Jen Bergren, the instructor she had learned from years ago. Once again, Amy was back into her regular Pilates practice. This time, there was no stopping her. She was hooked!

Amy has always loved to focus on her own health and wellness. She made the decision to pursue her dream of helping others and introducing them to the world of Pilates. She holds the following certifications as she continues her Pilates training:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTA)
  • Precision Nutrition (NC)

Amy enjoys leading an active lifestyle and spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys hiking, walking her dogs, and strength training. Amy has been a busy stay-at-home mom, homeschooling all of her children for the last nine years. One child has already graduated, one child is a senior, and the youngest is in high school. Amy is excited to begin teaching and helping others. Most importantly, she is looking forward to helping others pursue their Pilates journey.

Pilates Instructor Jen Rudie

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Jen Rudie is also pursuing her Comprehensive Pilates Certification. She studied Pilates under a private instructor for ten years to rehabilitate injuries sustained from rowing, running, and triathlon. Pilates provided strength and stabilization for her back, something Jen was not able to achieve through physical therapy.

Jen recently became certified as a mountain bike instructor. She found the demands of repetitious movements were once again causing issues with her back.  She learned from her good friend about JLB Pilates and the opportunity to become certified as an instructor. Jen jumped right in! She knew Pilates was the key to continuing the activities she loves for the long-term. She is excited to help others learn the benefits of Pilates practice.

As someone who’s suffered from significant chronic pain and injury, Jen can bring an understanding of both the physical and mental challenges others in similar situations face. As an athlete and highly active outdoors person, she is very interested in exploring the impact Pilates brings to performance and longevity in sports.

Jen has been very active as an athlete through the years, having completed multiple triathlons, century bicycle rides and multi-day cycling tours. She is a BICP Level 1 mountain bike instructor and entering her second season coaching with the Loppet Cycle Works and other organizations.

Her outdoor pursuits aren’t limited to cycling. She loves doing anything outdoors: paddleboarding, Nordic skiing, hiking, camping, and traveling. It has been a joy to participate in many of these activities with her husband and grown children. Movement is medicine, and Jen’s goal is to enable others to become strong and sustain a lifetime of movement with the activities that bring them  joy! We can’t wait to introduce you to Amy and Jen the next time you’re at the studio. To learn how JLB Pilates can help you on your own wellness journey, contact our team today.

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