All About Our Pilates Spine Correctors

“If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.” Joseph Pilates

 The Pilates Method teaches you how to move your body’s muscles and joints in a way traditional workouts cannot. To make the most of your Pilate’s journey, JLB Pilates incorporates many different apparatuses in our Pilates classes and private sessions. Here’s a closer look at a simple but effective tool: the spine corrector.

Why Would I Need to Use a Spine Corrector?

Your personal Pilates practice should challenge you in the way typical workouts do not. To accomplish this, Pilates will engage smaller muscle groups that traditional workouts cannot typically reach. Our goal is to heal through movement to improve your mind, body, and spirit. We want to challenge how your body moves as well as increase your overall strength, flexibility, and balance. This is why the Pilates Method is so challenging when executed properly.

The spine corrector is a smaller apparatus used to help you achieve greater depths of strength, flexibility, and balance. It is used to perform specific exercises that lengthen and strengthen the torso, shoulders, back, and legs while correcting or restoring the spine’s natural curvature. Spine correctors are the ideal piece of equipment for aligning and mobilizing the spine, as well as assisting with improving posture. A spine corrector is a great remedy for reversing tension that arises from a long day of work or sitting at your desk all day.

 What’s Special About the Spine Corrector?

At JLB Pilates, our spine corrector reflects more of the the classic model/format. Our spine correctors were created by Pilates Designs. These apparatuses are beautifully made, comfortable, and extremely high-quality. The closed-cell foam curves are supported by the apparatus’s sturdy wood side panels. Architectural brass handles help you confidently support your body through movements. Pilates Designs spine correctors are sturdy, but can easily move around the studio for versatility and look great hanging on our wall when they are not in use.

Can I Use a Spine Corrector at JLB Pilates?

JLB Pilates incorporates spine correctors into all of our small/large group classes and private sessions. These versatile apparatuses are beneficial for our newer practitioners of Pilates as well as clients who have followed the Pilates Method for years.

Keep in mind, the spine corrector is just one tool in our toolbox at JLB Pilates. We also incorporate reformers, towers, low & high chairs, half barrels, ladder barrels, props, the Cadillac, and the Ped-o-Pull to help you heal through movement and increase your strength and flexibility.

Interested in checking out our Pilates apparatuses? Schedule your initial appointment with our team today.We can introduce you to our equipment and build a personalized program for you that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

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