All About Our Peak Pilates Towers

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method helps you reach muscles other workouts don’t, including the deep muscles in the abdomen, back, and hips. To make the most of your Pilate’s journey, JLB Pilates incorporates many different apparatuses in our Pilates classes and private sessions. Here’s a closer look at one of our most effective tools: Tower.

Why Would I Need to Use a Tower?

At JLB Pilates, our goal is to heal through movement to improve your mind, body, and spirit. We want to challenge how your body moves as well as increase your overall strength, flexibility, and balance. Our goal is to challenge our clients regardless of their current level of flexibility or fitness. To do so, we often employ tower apparatus.

What’s Special About the Peak Pilates Tower?

The tower is an apparatus that attaches to our reformers. It includes two upright rails with springs, bars, handles and loops for attachments. We can adjust the tension of the tower to accommodate beginner and advanced students alike. The purpose of the tower is to strengthen the foundational skills of mat and reformer. It provides resistance that opens the hips, chest, and spine. It can help improve core strength, balance, and stability by providing a full-body workout without putting stress on the joints.

What’s Special About the Peak Pilates Tower?

At JLB Pilates, we use the Peak Pilates Artistry TWS Units (with ropes) to create a total workout system. These towers include a six-spring system to provide a highly customizable workout. These units also feature a roll back bar, wood push through bar, foot loops, and handles. They are a beautiful, functional, and durable addition to our apparatus lineup.

Can I Use a Tower at JLB Pilates?

JLB Pilates incorporates our towers into many of our small/large group classes and private sessions. These versatile apparatuses are beneficial for our newer practitioners of Pilates as well as clients who have followed the Pilates Method for years.

Keep in mind, the tower is just one tool in our toolbox at JLB Pilates. We also incorporate reformers, spine correctors, low chairs, half barrels, props, the ladder barrel, the Cadillac, and the Ped-o-Pull to help you heal through movement and increase your strength and flexibility.

 Interested in checking out our Pilates apparatuses? Schedule your initial appointment with our team today. We can introduce you to our equipment and build a personalized program for you that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

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