Feet Technique in Pilates

“Let us never forget the role our feet play in the grand symphony of Contrology.” Joseph Pilates

Contrology is the “movement of all kinds” that became what we call Pilates. Proper feet technique in Pilates is the foundation for building strength and preventing injury in your Pilates practice. Let’s take a closer look at feet technique in Pilates.

Grounding in Pilates 

Our entire body depends on our feet for grounding, enhanced proprioception (our ability to sense movement, action, and location), activation of the powerhouse, and injury prevention. Grounding refers to the impact feet have on the connection to the surface you are working on. Strong and stable foot placement ensures that the rest of the body can move with precision and control, two important Pilates principles.

More About Proprioception

Proper footwork improves proprioception. By concentrating on the foot’s position and movement, you can develop a deeper awareness of your body in space.

Good footwork often translates to the correct engagement of core muscles. The feet, when positioned and moved correctly, can help activate and intensify the work of the powerhouse muscles. However, when misaligned, footwork can lead to incorrect form, which could result in strains or injuries. Proper footwork ensures the body is aligned reducing risk of injury. Want to learn more about the important role feet technique plays in Pilates? Schedule your initial appointment with our team today. We can introduce you to our equipment and build a personalized program for you that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

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