What Do Our Pilates Class Levels Mean? Which One Is Right for You?

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking, nor outright purchase.”

Joseph Pilates

When you begin your Pilates journey with JLB Pilates, our experienced instructors will consult with you to determine which classes and/or class levels are appropriate for you. Pilates movements require time and practice to master, which is why we level our classes from introductory through advanced. Get to know our class levels, then reach out to us to discover which one is right for you.

Introductory Pilates Class Level

This is where to begin if you have limited Pilates experience. In these introductory classes, you will learn the fundamental exercises and skills required to develop the foundation to your personal practice.  Even if you have taken Pilates classes in the past, we often recommend you start with an introductory class just to brush up on the basics.

Beginner Pilates Class

Beginner classes area a continuation of the introductory classes. You will continue to build your foundational skills by adding the necessary skills required to complete a beginner level. This may include adding additional skills and/or apparatuses. Beginner classes are designed to prepare you for intermediate and advanced movements and are a necessary step in your Pilates journey.

Intermediate Pilates Class

Once you can demonstrate a solid understanding of the foundations of a Pilates practice, including Pilates principles, exercises, and order of movements, you are ready for intermediate classes. Participants in intermediate classes will focus on building strength and endurance in their practice in preparation for the advanced movements.

Advanced Intermediate Pilates Class

Advanced intermediate classes are a bridge between intermediate and advanced skills. In the advanced intermediate class, you will continue to build your endurance and strength and extend your flexibility while learning more challenging skills.

Advanced Pilates Class

Our advanced Pilates classes are the top-level classes designed for participants who have been practicing Pilates for years. In this class, participants will dive deeper into their personal practice and discovery of the Pilates method.

Interested in checking out our Pilates classes? Schedule your initial appointment with our team today. We build a personalized program for you that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

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