Our Personalized Approach to Pilates Class Placement

“In 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference. In 20 sessions, you’ll see the difference. In 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates

Healing happens through movement. At JLB Pilates, we use the Pilates Method to help our clients achieve healing and build stronger, more resilient bodies. Your body is unique, as are the health and wellness challenges you face. This is why our experienced instructors take a personalized approach to Pilates class placement.

How Do You Get to Know Me?

To get to know you and your health goals, we will complete a thorough movement screening with you during your initial appointment with us. Your initial one-on-one session is always private, as we will discuss your health and wellness goals and create a plan for using the Pilates Method to help you heal and grow stronger through movement. This is a comprehensive session where we will discuss any current health challenges you’re facing, your goals, and a path forward with Pilates.

Where Will I Start?

Getting started is the easy part. However, getting the brain and body to work together takes a lot more dedication. It generally takes most people six months to one year to truly understand how to move their bodies through specific Pilates movements.

Pilates movements rewire how the brain and body have to move together. We focus on the small, stabilizing muscles instead of the larger muscle groups. As a result, the body starts to move in a completely different way than it is used to. Because of this, we highly recommend our clients start with private sessions where they receive one-on-one guidance rather than jumping into a class.

These sessions are usually 55 minutes long and tailored to your body and your health goals. You will learn how to move your body efficiently and safely, understand the Pilates method and terminology, lengthen your muscles, and build strength and flexibility.

Once you’ve completed your private sessions, you and your instructor can determine the next steps forward. You can choose to continue with private sessions, move into small group classes, or do a combination of both.

You are always welcome to book additional private sessions at any time should you feel the need to brush up on your skills.

How Often Should I Attend Pilates Classes?

How frequently you attend classes at JLB Pilates depends on several factors, from how quickly you’d like to see results to your personal schedule and budget. Generally, we recommend that you attend at least two classes per week.

JLB Pilates instructors are experts in health and wellness and the Pilates method. Our goal is to create a personalized program for you that will help you achieve your wellness goals. Get in touch with us to schedule your initial appointment and start your Pilates journey.

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