Get to Know the JLB Pilates Experience and How We’re Different from Your Gym Pilates Class

At JLB Pilates, we believe that every body is different, and everybody can improve their health through movement. The Pilates Method can help you grow stronger, healthier, and more resilient and flexible. But it has to be used properly for you to maximize your results and move your body safely.

Know Exactly Where to Begin

“JLB has highly trained instructors with excellent knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. Classes are thought out and structured to move you progressively down a path to better health and fitness.” Todd H.

We always start your Pilates journey with an introductory session with one of our expert instructors. You’ll share your goals, your current health, and complete a movement screening. Then, we’ll design a custom plan for you that may include private sessions and our small-group classes as well as our apparatuses.

JLB Pilates Class Offerings

Class Schedule


6 pm: Beginner


8 am: Beginner

12 pm: Beginner


6 pm: Beginner


8 am: Beginner

12 pm: Beginner


9 am: Mat Class

Class schedule is subject to change.

Class Levels

Level 1: Introduction

Trains your body in the Pilates foundational movements and skills.

Level 2: Beginner

Adds more foundational skills to prepare you for intermediate and advanced classes.

Level 3: Intermediate

Focuses on building endurance in your Pilates practice.

Level 4: Advanced Intermediate

Continues to build endurance, strength, and flexibility, working toward Advanced skills.

Level 5: Advanced Dives deeper into your personal practice and discovery of the Pilates Method.

Our process is different from the drop-in classes you may be familiar with at the gym. But so are the results we can help you achieve. Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, schedule your introductory session with us today.

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